Sunday, January 13, 2008

We're all going to hell.

You know the one thing that will and IS tearing this world apart?


The one thing that we are all so free to choose. How many arguments, fights, disputes, WARS have occurred because of this form of living? Like last night, for example. Yeah ... there were way too many beers that contributed to the argument, but either way, this topic just sets people off. It's the one thing that no one is ever going to agree with .. ever. Beliefs upon beliefs, religion will never come to peace with anybody, no matter how much you think it is.

I'm going to put my word here. What I believe.

There is something out there. There has to be. Our bodies are full of running veins, a heart that gives us life, a brain that pretty much makes us who we are. No human being could have ever create something like this. Something like us. So what is it? What is out there? We will never know. No one was around to tell us. So how the fuck do people follow religion with no form of proof? With so much assurance? For hope, I'm assuming. Hope that one wont just disappear out of existence after our clock stops ticking.

I was raised a catholic girl. Went to church and everything as a little girl. But that was then. Whatever mom told me, it had to be true. I'm not stupid anymore. So don't try to put shit in my head. I'm going to believe what I'm going to believe. You don't have the responsibility to make me think what you think.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Well, well. I came back to this.
I was actually using word press, but the piece of shit doesn't really let me costumize it the way I want it without paying. Fuck that, whatever.

Ohhh how lovely, my food. I haven't baked OR cooked anything in a while. When I do, I usually don't take pictures anymore.

Well... my life has been full of adventures. Or however the way you want to see it. I will update on basically everything later. Gotta go to work! Ugh.

Oh yeah .... HAPPY NEW YEAR!