Thursday, March 29, 2007

Prom Night

I look across the dance floor, with the lights dim, at the others dancing in company's arms. I hold a drink in my hand. Wishing it had something else. Something else to make my mind go elsewhere.

What am I doing here?

Ticket ... dress ... shoes .... makeup ... and hair. All paid. I had time to look in the mirror before I left. Was that me? I looked not like any other. Tears almost rolled down my eyes. What is the use in looking beautiful tonight? Why am I going?

I turn to my friends. All laughing and enjoying the time, with not a care in the world.

I turn back and look up to what has been making my heart fly away. I saw him since he arrived. Like a handsome young man. Looking more irresistible than ever. He sits on the other side. Making the other kids and the dance floor a whole ocean between us. "Here I am.." I say in a breath, making it impossible for even someone a foot away to hear. But like a signal, he turns his head.

We locked each other's gaze. A stinging sensation rings through out my whole body. I was drowning. It seemed like if the only way to breath again, was for him to come and save me.

Has it been four years? Four years of love from afar? Not knowing anything but his name.

He gets up, not moving his eyes away. What is he doing?

He walks in straight line, towards my direction.

What is he doing?

I don't move. I don't do anything but gaze at the beautiful creature coming towards me.

He moves through the crowd, which has slowed down. A nice slow song has played. But he moves. He moves and doesn't make an effort to stop, in a slow moving pace. Left to right, until he finally has a perfect view of me.

He stops.

He is not but five feet away.

I'm frozen.

He gets closer. Four feet, three, two, one ...

My breathing stops.

He looks right into my eyes. He takes his hands and cups my face in the most tender way.

"Its about time", is all he says.

He kisses me.