Thursday, April 5, 2007

Busssyyyyy beeeee.

I have been extremely busy these past few days. I swear to god, high school is just getting so old for me. Work and all that comes with it. I am just counting the days until I walk down the stage and get my diploma. I am so ready for collage. I am so ready for a new environment. I look around the people here, and it just disgusts me (except my besties, of course). Why do people start following? As in the hopping-on-the-bandwagon kind of way. Lead your own fucking way! In trends and in everything. It just pisses me off that people no longer have their own space for originality. Stop asking me how I do my hair, because I'm not about to stop and teach you.

/end rant. I guess ..... ugh ...


Apparently so. What a find! The dollar section at Target .... is tight. ;)